About us

The experience and expertise acquired over the years in the fields of construction and real estate development allow DUPÉRÉ to act as coordinator and project manager and to take an active part in the realization of proposals. major development, the importance of which depends on the impact they may have on the evolution of the built environment and the improvement of the quality of the environment.

The resources available to it and its ability to grasp the issues and scope of each stage of the project planning and implementation process allow it to intervene with organizations and corporations whose mandates are to planning and management of selected site enhancement and real estate development. DUPÉRÉ has ​​participated in numerous residential, commercial and institutional construction projects. His expertise is the fruit of the experience he has gained from his personal involvement in the realization of each of these projects. He has worked as a builder, promoter or project manager as a privileged interlocutor with the relevant municipal or para-municipal authorities or with the senior management of the development companies involved.

The services offered by DUPÉRÉ extend to the technical and administrative coordination of development and development operations, the management of project implementation and quality control.

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